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NEW! 440 Yagi
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Yes we ship International.   Just to name a few we have shipped to Australia, Canada, England, France, Ireland, Spain, Indonesia, Japan....... E-mail for price quote on shipping.

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NEW LOWER PRICE! as of 1-June-2010

     Blowout Sale, Priority Mail Shipping is included for $24.95

For Orders Please e-mail me for availability

440 Mhz, 3 element Yagi, 6db gain for less than half, of the original cost. Connector is TNC, can easily be adapted to any other type.

Quantity Pricing available upon request! Send me an e-mail for a quote!

We have a great deal on these 440 mhz Yagi antennas. The original company who ordered them didn't pay for the order. they originally sold for $64.95. So here's the scoop. 

You get a very rugged, outdoor ready antenna, with mounting hardware. They are currently tuned for 418mhz CF, and are approx 4 mhz wide.  (416 lo end, 418 CF, 420 hi end).

I easily retuned about a dozen of them for the ham band by cutting off either 1/8 of an inch or 1/4 inch depending on where you want the center freq tuned to. They work great with your HT's. We've been getting very positive results and comments from people who are using them now. Several have made second purchases to have more flexibility. 

One of our 

I'm using one here in my Townhouse, up on the second story, with great results hitting a repeater (Redwood City) that's located about 25 miles from my location here in San Jose. 

The antennas are painted black, and come with mounting hardware. The sale will last until they are gone. Beautiful antennas, can also be used for fox hunting. Priority Mail shipping included for $29.95

For quantity orders contact me. Price breaks at 10, 15 & 25 

Antenna Profile & Specs -- Boom Length = 16.5", Longest  Reflector Element 13.5"

Antenna Weight 9 oz. Tuning Instructions for 435mhz trim 1/8 inch from the driven element only. For  445 trim 1/4 inch. You will have a total bandwidth about 4 mhz wide or better from the center freq I listed above at 2:1 or lower.  Approx 2 mhz either side from the center frequency. Give or take a bit.



Detail of TNC Connector & Mounting Hardware





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