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2002 Alan Broadband Co. 

The Zap Checker is an Ultra-Sensitive instrument that
detects and displays electromagnetic radiation over a broad spectrum of frequencies. 

I have tested my unit well beyond the listed range.  From 4.5-18 ghz! I was amazed at the sensitivity all the way up to 18 ghz. Even at 10' distance I could clearly see the needle movement and and indicator lights. 




Features of the Zap Checker
1. Easy to use. 

2. Convenient size: a small, lightweight hand-held instrument that fits into a pocket
or purse. 

3. Highly sensitive: Detecting radiated signals from cellular phones and phone bugs at more than 20 feet, transmissions from "sealed" microwave ovens at 40+ feet, from FRS walkie-talkies at 60+ feet, and from ham radio transceivers at 80+ feet. 

4. Wide Band: Spans a useable frequency range from 10 MHz to 4.5 GHz. 

5. Dual Mode:
LINEAR - for fully displaying weak signals at the highest sensitivity.
LOG - for displaying input signals ranging over 1000:1 input range. 

6. Sensitivity controller: to manually adjust the input signal level. 

7. Silent Vibrate Mode: Switchable vibrator function that allows detection of signals when direct viewing of the displays is unavailable or undesirable. 

8. Analog Meter and Light Emitting Diode (LED) displays: The LED display is
particularly suitable for viewing from a distance or in dimly lit surroundings - such as nighttime. 

9. Economical: Operating for approximately 80 hours on 2 AA alkaline batteries. 
Frequency Range:
Useful Frequency Range from less than 10 MHz to
over 4.5 GHz. Conforming Logarithmic Range from
100 MHz to 3.5 GHz.

Sensitivity Control:
Attenuator with more than 30 to 1 signal range (30 dB).

100-microvolt sensitivity (at the lower frequencies).
Threshold level determined by the sensitivity control.

LOG Mode:
45 dB Logarithmic Conformity (up to 60 dB [1000 to 1] meter-viewable signal strength).

High Frequency & Low Frequency Fixed Internal Antennas
No sensitivity variations from antenna adjustments.

Analog & LED Displays
LED Display for viewing from a distance and at nighttime.

Switch-Enabled Silent Vibrator For discreet in-pocket detection or hands-free

Battery Life
Alkaline Batteries - approximately 80 Hours; 50 Hours using Silent Vibrate Mode

Less than 5 oz. (150 gm.) with batteries installed.

2.1" wide x 5.0" high x 1.25" thick
(5.6 cm wide x 13 cm high x 3.1 cm thick)

Complete with instructive User Manual, the Zap Checker is priced at $89.00 plus $8
S&H & Insurance, via Priority Mail.




For Orders Please e-mail me for availability

2002 Alan Broadband Co. | Used with permission from Alan.





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